In today’s digital media environment, audience engagement matters.

For modern media companies that might seem like a given. But it wasn’t always the case. Back when readers got newspapers delivered to their doorstep and bought their favorite magazines from the newsstand, advertisers might have looked at subscription or sales numbers to determine where they should spend their dollars, and editors got a sense of how content connected by the number of letters they received.

Engagement Helps Create Two-Way Conversations With Contributors

By actively engaging with their audiences, contributors enhance the conversation underway and give engaged users exactly what they’re after: the chance for on-point, two-way conversations that involve the journalists they admire.

Two-way conversation

But how do you go about encouraging and nourishing journalist engagement?

Engagement Helps You Better Reach Your Business Goals

Your site is a product, and just like any product it has a specific audience and revenue model. By fitting your engagement plan around that product, and your organization’s specific goals, you can use engagement to improve your business model, better monetize your site, and maximize your average revenue per user (ARPU). Of course, audience and journalist engagement, as well as advertiser interests, all play a part in that, but there are other ways engagement can make a difference to your bottom line as well.