Create Deeper Connections

Best Practices for Developing your Onsite Community

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Focused on growing your online community? Working to facilitate online conversations and engagement around a specific topic, interest, or region? Want to be the social hub of your niche community? Looking to grow and monetize your audience?

Hear from media and audience development veterans Tom Gierasimczuk and Dan Seaman to learn how you can leverage the power of social media to build a highly engaged, loyal community on your own site with your content at the center of it all.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage social media for content discovery and keep your audience onsite
  • Connect a community of likeminded individuals around a particular topic/region or niche
  • Maximize onsite interactions to build a highly engaged and active community of readers, contributors, and influencers
  • Gain transparency and retain ownership of your brand, content, data, and audience

Allison Munro


Allison Munro


Head of Marketing, Viafoura

Allison is a passionate marketing leader with more than 15 years of success combining data-driven strategies and revenue growth. She has led in the development of award winning marketing programs for B2B and B2C organizations with a goal to maximize cross channel audience engagement and ROI.

Dan Seaman


Tom Gierasimczuk


Content and Audience Development Consultant

An award-winning journalist and digital media executive, Tom has developed effective multi-platform, editorially driven marketing strategies that engage audiences and infuse brand communication with a sense of purpose and utility. Tom has built media properties for clients ranging from WestJet Airlines to Microsoft while working with leading media and communications companies including Rogers Media, Canada Wide Media, and Yellow Pages.

Dan Seaman


Dan Seaman


Product Director, Viafoura

A leader in digital media, Dan has built his digital publishing career over the last 15 years. He’s held key strategy and leadership roles managing consumer products across enterprise divisions for big-name Canadian media groups like St. Joseph Media, Quebecor, TC Media, and The Globe and Mail. In these roles, he quickly established himself as a thought leader on the rise of mobile in media and marketing.

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