GDPR: What Media Organizations Need to Know

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • What the GDPR is and how it affects participants
  • Changes to the GDPR with regard to previous regulations and the implications for your business
  • The challenge of operationalizing the GDPR requirements
  • How the GDPR will be enforced and the risks of non-compliance
  • Translating the regulation into meaningful and actionable data management controls
  • The benefits of GDPR compliance

Watch Now:

Morgane Van Ermengem Presenter TheJurists

Morgane Van Ermengem @MorganeVanErm

Legal Officer, theJurists London

Morgane Van Ermengem heads the London branch of theJurists, a contemporary legal boutique office and pioneer in digital law. Her main areas of expertise include data protection and privacy law, intellectual property law and contract law. Interested in the GDPR from an early stage, she has given multiple workshops on the subject.

Deborah Henderson Presenter DAHenderson Consulting Ltd

Deborah Henderson @DHender

President, DAHenderson Consulting Ltd

Deborah Henderson, B.Sc., MLS, PMP, CDMP, CDP, has over 30 years in data and information management, consulting to many sectors across North America, and coordinating experts across the globe in best community practices in IT.

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